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Mixing and Mastering in Los Angeles, CA

Our Audio Engineers Will Take Your Project To The Next Level

Welcome to Limber Media, where we provide professional mixing and mastering services for your music projects. Our experienced audio engineers will take your project to the next level, ensuring that your music sounds its best. Whether you're a musician looking to make your first album or a seasoned pro looking to polish your latest release, we can help you achieve the sound you're after.


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Limber Media brings your project to life.

Music Studio

Our Services

Sound Design

Audio Engineering

Live Recording

Voice Overs

Commercial Audio

Instrumental Design 

Why Limber

Our Mission

To provide a seamless recording experience to maximize your style and sound.

Our Vision

To provide a space where artists, and producers have the resources to reach their full potential.

Core Values

Put your vison first

Assist with expertise

Produce quality projects

Nurture creativity

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